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Melissa’s creative talent was apparent at a young age and her mother adeptly harnessed this talent by teaching her to design and sew at the age of six. A native of Richland, Washington, Melissa was later drawn to the Wenatchee Valley with a fast pitch scholarship offered by Wenatchee Valley College. After completing her business degree at Eastern Washington University, she returned to Wenatchee and began sewing and designing bags as a hobby.  Her desire to be home with her then two young children out weighted a full-time job outside the home yet financially she knew she needed to contribute to the household income or there would never be anything 'extra' like soccer teams or small vacations.  So, when demand for her creations grew, she began selling her products online and recruited her mom Debora to help.   Things grew quickly and she quit her day job and began this amazing journey of working out of her home, being a stay at home mom and feeling an overwhelming peace settle in.
When not designing and sewing bags, Melissa can be found tackling many of the business functions behind Borsa Bella, or on the ice, lending her athletic ability to the Wenatchee Banshee’s ice hockey team.